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Sierra Foothill Cuisine Alive & Well!

As I write some thoughts on this topic that is so near and dear to my heart, out in the world is a pandemic of vast proportions, covering a scope that most of us can hardly comprehend. And in this mental and emotional chaos, there are small cells of rejuvenation already occurring around us in so many areas of life and living. Being alive.

We are being forced to pay closer attention, more than ever before, to our surroundings. And our survival. That combination has created an appreciation for all the simple things in life, like a good conversation, a beautiful spring day, gardens bursting with colors/textures/scents, and most of all, a delicious home cooked meal. We have been back in our kitchens like we mean it.

Sharing this time in our kitchens makes us very conscious of what we are eating. What are the ingredients we need, crave, inspire for. This is the truth behind the movement and lifestyle of sustainable living.

Eating from within our community. Supporting those who have invested their lives to support the good health of our bodies and our surroundings.

We are devotees to these people who create farms/orchards/ranches to raise vegetables, fruits, animals and an integrity towards life that few of us get to witness unless we seek it out. Meet these courageous generous souls who create this opportunity to partake in a healthy sustainable life. It is so vital!

That is what Sierra Foothill Cuisine is; a movement and why we feel compelled to share our journey and feelings with you!

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