• Lucy

All in Good Time

I am a true believer that if anything in life is given a bit of time, to evolve, present itself clearly, the truth (answer) we are searching for comes forward. Often it is not the result one might have anticipated, but thats also a good thing as while some doors close, others open.

This has never been more profound to me than now, during a year that has never been more full of change. And not just physical change ... even more so psychologically. Having to adapt to that which so often makes little to zero sense. I feel fortunate that I have lived a life, on purpose and with purpose, that thrives on change and the not knowing. A life in food and that dedication to feed others is often times complete chaos, but within that is an opportunity for growth that far exceeds anything I could have imagined. Humility is my mantra. I align myself with those who also live this dedication and find the brilliance in their chaos. Farmers are in this category. Why I so often lean into their world, recognizing that cause and action is a driving force, and the tiniest break through's bring triumphant resolutions. We have a

lot in common in these vocations, and the secret ingredient is time. Time to ponder, time to grow, time to learn, time to appreciate, time to reflect, time to be silent to step back, embrace what a remarkable life you have created, and then start all over again.

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