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Why a Cook?

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

A new art medium begins!

I often get asked how this business of creating food for a living transpired, and it always comes back to my years of working in a pottery studio, helping to create functional ceramic art that foods were partnered with. The reality that a creative spirit, in it's own authentic true form, is drawn to form that is raw and boundless. It evokes attention by all of our senses, and then some! Especially in foods.

So into a new type of studio I went at the age of 24 and fell head over heels in love with the intensity of what true humility feels like when feeding the public. That alone is an aspect of my work from then to now that makes me strive to produce only foods I would enjoy, would want in my body, feeling connected to nature and the people who also share these beliefs. It may sound a tad dramatic to say, but I still see myself as a studio artist, striving for form, for that deep satisfaction in creating a meal that inspires, nourishes and creates an appreciation for a balance that we all share and crave deep down.

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