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Lucy’s Spice Box seeks to provide foods that taste great because they are nourishing and farmed holistically, humanely, and with respect to the vitality in all life. That's our mantra. And should be yours! Vet your farmers, folks! Find out what their growing practices are. What seed stock do they use? Where does their water come from? What are their growing methods (weed abatement, soil amendments, etc)? Be an informed supporter.

We are proud to share just some of our primary food sources below. We try to buy directly from farmers (as local as possible) or buy from vendors who buy directly from farmers whos growing practices we align with. If you spend a dollar on food from Lucy’s, we want as much of that food dollar as possible to benefit the farmer and the NOURISHING FOOD MOVEMENT we all share.

There is a food movement in this world that is driven by a consciousness in living well, educating ourselves in what embracing this important concept of taking care of our bodies + the planet truly means and then sharing that lifestyle with our loved ones + community. We can all participate by getting back into our kitchens like we mean it and supporting small regenerative farms/ranches!

Fresh Green Beans

 Join us by purchasing local, healthy, holistically and humanely raised foods. Support our local Food Shed! It's possible and there are many of us here to help! Below is a list of some of our preferred food sources. Contact us for specifics! 


Food Shed:

A Geographical location that produces the food in a particular population. A region where food flows from the area that it is produced to the place where it is consumed, including the land it grows on, the route it travels, the market it passes through and the tables it ends up on.


The process of taking simple healthy ingredients and in combining, creating a nourishing inspired meal.

Fog Dog Farm 
Taylor Farm     
River Dog Farm
Butte Mountain Farm

Azolla Farm
Good Hummus Farm
Underdog Farm

Terra Firma Farm
Full Belly Farm
Polestar Orchard
Tyson Hill Farm + Orchard

Mirabelle Orchard
Sac FM
Capay Valley Organic Farm Shop

Sonora FM
Lucy and Friends Gardens 

Back to Basics Farm
Carman Ranch
Golden Acorn Farm
River Dog Farm
Wind Dancers Ranch
Rancho llano Seco
Painted Hills Ranch
Suhn Fish
Tokyo Fish
Skuna bay Salmon
Corfini Gourmet
99 Ranch Market

Costco Organics 
Produce Express
Capay Mills

Community Grains
Early Bird Farm
Mountain Rose Herbs 
Saltworks SF
DAMAS Vineyards EVOO

Tomales Bay foods

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