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We strive to create foods that are ingredient driven + soulful. our kitchens are an extension of this creative spirit we love to share with all.

Lucy & Bill


We moved to Volcano in 2011, ready to settle in to a much quieter life from Napa, CA a few hours away. Our lives have been immersed in food in one venue or another for the past 40 years and we were compelled to continue as we love creating + sharing food in every way imaginable. 


We soon realized we needed to use our imagination to find a commercial kitchen set up in these small Gold Country townships. 


Lucy's Spice Box was our solution and exists primarily because of the efforts of Contractor Monty Creach (General), John Peabody (Plans), Leonard Williams (Cement Contractor), Mike Flynn (Geo Engineer), Tom Oneto (Welding), Terry Weatherby (Structural Engineer), Sweet Pea Septic, Lawson Drayage & Rigging (Sacramento - found container and got it here) and the strong support of Amador County including, but not limited, to Scott Meyer (Health) and Richard Millar (Building). We are forever grateful!

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